Scott counts himself fortunate that he is able to share his gift of music as well as his testimony of the greatness of his Savior, Jesus Christ through his new album.

In January 2014 Scott Rivers, a California native, began a kickstarter campaign at the bequest of many to produce a Vocal CD of religious hymns that would uplift and inspire the soul. It would take only a few short months for the dream to become a reality as the campaign finally came to a close on Scott’s 28th birthday April 1st, 2014.

Scott Rivers freshman CD was brought to fruition through the generosity of friends and family taking part in his kickstarter campaign. He has always been a performer, singing and dancing since he was six years old. Music has always been the main way in which Scott has expressed his love and testimony with his Savior, Jesus Christ. His music and his spine tingling voice are his gifts from God to the world.

Scott Rivers love of music began at an early age and as far back as he can remember he has been singing, dancing, and entertaining those around him. As a youth he had the good fortune to perform in a variety of stage musicals as part of the El Dorado Hills Musical Theatre Company in El Dorado Hills California.